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Star Trek: First Contact (1996)

Star Trek: First Contact (1996) Captain Picard and his crew pursue the Borg back in time to stop them from preventing Earth's first contact with an alien species. They also make sure that Zefram Cochrane makes his famous maiden flight at warp speed.


justanotherstargazer: do you ever see really cool fandom merchandise and you really want it and then you look it up and then you see the price and you kinda just // Yup.

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William Shatner wants Star Trek TV return

Star Trek has significantly influenced culture over the decades. The original show spawned multiple other series and movies. The original series actually featured the first multi-racial kiss on television. Science, engineering, and interest in space in society were influenced by Star Trek. Let alone the phrase “Beam me up, Scotty.”


Although Voyager was my first Star Trek series, I've been watching TNG for the past couple of years - I'd forgotten how different of a captain Janeway was from Picard. | one of my favorites


#demotivational posters, funny #memes, and hilarious pics to get you through the night / #StarTrek did it first