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In American history, the First Red Scare of 1919–1920 was marked by a widespread fear of Bolshevism and anarchism. Concerns over the effects of radical political agitation in American society and alleged spread in the American labor movement fueled the paranoia that defined the period.


The BLOOD MOON rises: Amazing images and footage of the first total lunar eclipse of 2014

I remember seeing this when I was really little and being quite confused and a little scared!


Dark story and dark places with the Glass Sword

Glass Sword (Red Queen, #2) by Victoria Aveyard Book Review >> Simply Adrift


Taylor Swift premieres new song Mine... and has an unlikely fan in the crowd

I have loved Taylor Swift for 5 years because that was when I listened to one of her songs for the first time.

You Know You're an 80s Kid If... Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock First cartoon my son would sit and watch. My husband and I found old reruns on The Hub.


The world's weirdest animals - and where to see them

Bald uakari The shocking red pate of this follically-challenged simian has earned it the nickname among South Americans of 'mono angles', or 'English monkey', in honour of the first sunburnt Britons to visit their homeland. Where to spot them The bald uakari can be found deep in the forests of Brazil, Peru and Colombia. Reef and Rainforest can organise tailor made holidays to Uakari Lodge, in Brazil's remote Mamiraua Sustainable Development Reserve, where guests can


Yes!!! This happened to me! And now I do it to everyone else. (It was actually the first Doctor Who I ever watched.)


The Bird B Gone Hawk Decoy is the first Red Tailed Hawk Decoy available in today's market and is used the same way as owl decoys to scare birds from open areas. Mock predator eye and shiny reflective ...