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Tailtiu - Irish Goddess of the month August and Midsummer. She is largely viewed as a goddess of the earth, sovereignty, harvest, and first grains, particularly of wheat.

Portland: A relatively small heathland breed from the Dorset area. The rams have heavily spiralled horns and the ewes a half circle horn. Lambs are born with a foxy red coat which changes in the first few months to creamy white. They produce an exceptionally high quality meat and can lamb at any time of the year.

Pertinax, the 19th Roman emperor. He was the first of the emperors in the year of the five emperors. He was assassinated 3 months after taking office by the Praetorian Guard after trying to reestablish discipline within their ranks.

Elizabeth Woodville 1437 - 1492 - Queen consort of England as spouse of King Edward IV. She was the first commoner to marry an English sovereign. Well known for her participation in a series of civil wars known as the War of the Roses.

Bust of Commodus as Hercules, AD 190. Marble. Commodus was a largely self-centered emperor who did not care for foreign affairs or the protection of the empire. He once decreed that each month should be renamed after him. He believed he was an incarnation of Jupiter or Hercules, and the depictions of him as these gods only made people dislike him more. He was murdered in AD 192, leaving a damaged empire behind and ending the Antonine dynasty.

Galba was the first emperor in the Year of the Four Emperors. He was an unpopular emperor.