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First Grade Wow: Free mini unit to help kids to learn to subitize. this will lead you to the best first grade blog w/ freebies galore!


Fun in First Grade: Day 6 of Christmas Freebie: Give each student a sandwich bag. They put in a scoop of oatmeal and a sprinkle of green and red sugar sprinkles into the bag. Attach the freebie poem. On Christmas Eve they sprinkle it all over their yard to guide Santa and his Reindeer to their door.


Once Upon a First Grade Adventure--finding real world connections to topics covered in class with "job applications" :) I want this if I ever teach an Under the Sea theme :]


Place Value Freebie!

Preview for first grade~ place value practice for deeper understanding of 2 digit addition ~ roll it ~ write it ~ build it ~ draw it ~ write it in expanded notation ~ first grade math ~ common core ~:

Hello Everyone!! If you are working on fractions, you have to read this book! Equal Shmequal by Virginia Kroll is a perfect book to i...


10 FREE SIGHT WORD DAB FLUENCY. This pack is great for beginning readers in preschool, in kindergarten, and in first grade to build confidence in reading.


I spent my Saturday morning at a math institute. I got inspiration for a new game to go with the book Even Steven, Odd Todd by Kathryn Cris...