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Figure 1. Traditional fireplaces leak smoke into living space and don’t produce heat efficiently. The curving smoke chamber, the throat damper and the smoke shelf all decrease the strength and stability of the chimney draft.

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Fireplace Insulating Plug Stop your chimney from stealing heat Fireplace dampers can't stop heat loss as well as a tight-fitting chimney insulating plug. Trims with a knife to fit your chimney. Rigid, closed-cell polyethylene is unaffected

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How to Fix a Fireplace Damper That Won't Open

How to Seal an Unused Fireplace and Save Money on Heating Bills

Chimney Balloon Fireplace Damper 12"X12" Draft Stopper Pillow Plug to insulate unused chimney

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Fireplace Flue Damper | ... Chimneys|masonary|chimney|brick|stone|clay|damper|flue|fireplace

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How to Tell If a Fireplace Damper Is Open or Closed

If your fireplace damper is open, you should be able to see all the way through the chimney and feel air circulating in the fireplace.

Cast iron fireplace fire back box damper pan cover Victorian Vintage Old Style

Cast iron fireplace fire back box damper Ash pan cover Fret Bars Restored grate

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Don't like your dark red fireplace? White-Wash the brick!! "Super easy. You just water down paint and paint it on. I would paint a small section then wipe it off a bit with a rag. It took a couple hours. Not bad." -- Amber Dickey Photo Awesome job and a great way to lighten up a room and add a fresh look to an old fireplace. Thanks for sharing Amber!

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