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DIY Costume: Kaylee Frye from Firefly Gives tutorial, shows picture of Chinese characters.

Army surplus overalls + Hawaiian shirt = Wash from Firefly. Bonus points for toy dinosaurs.

Wash's standard wear: a flight suit and a Hawaiian shirt. Though you only see Wash wearing one in the series, Browncoats (fans of the Firefly tv show) will instantly associate a Hawaiian shirt with Firefly.

Sara Sewing: Firefly Cosplay: Kaylee's Jumpsuit Tutorial - I wrote up a tutorial for how I made my Kaylee cosplay on my blog :)

Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye: engineer, fashion icon, and not a power in the verse that can stop her being cheerful :) Kaylee has.

Fan Expo Toronto Cosplay - Great COSplays all over this site - But Fem Jayne and Mal = Wicked!

Captain Mal and Jayne crossplay. Gender-swapped cosplay from Joss Whedon's Firefly