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You Have To See These 19 Incredibly Lucky People (And One Deer)

You won't believe how close people came to their untimely demise in these thirty nerve-wracking narrow escapes GIFs that will make you sweat bullets!

NEW VIDEO! Animals need rescuing from the most unlikely places and we got a call from the police to alert us of a stray swan in a very strange place – the A3! We arrived on scene to find that the police had closed one of the busy lanes and firefighters were on hand with a big net trying to keep the swan off the roadway! Simon wasted no time in getting to the rescue and pursued the swan single handedly into some very thorny bushes. Before too long (and after losing a shoe), Simon managed…

Marge: (over radio) My husband is on a murderous rampage. Over. Chief Wiggum: Well, thank God that's over. I was worried there for a second.

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Police and Firefighters Retirement (Closed) Fund Special-Called Meeting Nov. 15

FLASHOVER, Firefighter close calls. Lodi NJ 175 St.Joseph's Blvd! Firefighters from Hasbrouck Heights were opening the roof when a light to moderate smoke condition turned into the attic flashing over. The Chief ordered everyone out and they used a Tower Ladder, Deck gun and Ladder pipe to knock fire down.

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