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Fire Starters And Fuel

Fire Starter Kit for your bug out bag - a video of 3 fire starters: fatwood, fuel tablets, and a cotton ball showing which starts BEST!


LEGO City 60088: Fire Starter Set Join the firefighters with the LEGO City Fire Starter Set, including an awesome fire ATV, fuel pump, pipe with flames and four minifigures. Suitable for builders ages 5 t (Barcode EAN = 0659213112255)


Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius Part 8-make briquettes out of old magazines and newspaper.


DIY camp stove/heat source from tuna can + cardboard + oil. I made this using wax and a wick. Very handy when power went off in the middle of cooking burgers for supper. I tried to make another one later with a nylon wick, that was a total fail. :/

We dry out tangerine peel on the wood-stove in winter, great smell in the room and fun to burn later. Will try drying out some thin orange peel for the 'spark to kindling' challenge.


Fire Starting 101: The Why and How of Lighting a Fire for Survival

While I will NEVER leave the safety of my Room and imgur, For Those of you Brave Enough to Venture Out - Imgur

from Survival Sherpa

How to Make Firebricks (fire logs) and Wood Stove Logs for Free!


Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter - When the sun is shining, this simple little device will start a fire in a matter of minutes with no moving parts, fuel, or batteries to worry about. The tinder box is also airtight and watertight so your firestarting materials will stay dry in any weather //