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Fire starters and fuel

Fire Starter Kit for your bug out bag - a video of 3 fire starters: fatwood, fuel tablets, and a cotton ball showing which starts BEST!

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DIY camp stove/heat source from tuna can + cardboard + oil. I made this using wax and a wick. Very handy when power went off in the middle of cooking burgers for supper. I tried to make another one later with a nylon wick, that was a total fail. :/

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Wilderness Survival 101: Bow-drill fire kit

Now that you've built your fire and collected sufficient fuel it's time to actually make fire. Knowing how to make a friction fire is a difficult though life-saving skill and the bow-drill is the e...

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We dry out tangerine peel on the wood-stove in winter, great smell in the room and fun to burn later. Will try drying out some thin orange peel for the 'spark to kindling' challenge.

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LEGO City 60088: Fire Starter Set Join the firefighters with the LEGO City Fire Starter Set, including an awesome fire ATV, fuel pump, pipe with flames and four minifigures. Suitable for builders ages 5 t (Barcode EAN = 0659213112255)

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Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius Part 8-make briquettes out of old magazines and newspaper.

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Fire Starting 101: The Why and How of Lighting a Fire for Survival

While I will NEVER leave the safety of my Room and imgur, For Those of you Brave Enough to Venture Out - Imgur

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