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Creating Invitations to Play

I have recently begun a new series on my Facebook page where I post one or two photos each day, and it has become very popular. These  are pictures of the little Invitations to Play that I have set up for our girls in various places in our home. I’m hoping through this series to...Read More »


Dycem Psytech Finger Flexion/ Extension Gauge

The Art of Stretching Complete – 53 Additional Images to Show You Exactly Which Muscle You Are Stretching (Part 2

26. Finger by Finger Flexion With Assistance

29 Of The BEST Crafts & Activities For Kids (Parents love these, too!)

Finger Weaving... Easy enough for kids! -- 29 creative crafts for kids that adults will actually enjoy doing, too!


Five-Finger Flexion Glove is great for correction of extension #contracture to finger and MCP joints. #ptsafety


For stiff and sore fingers: Finger flexion and extension to maintain ROA and alignment in finger joints.