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Teehee "Effie today. Effie tomorrow. Effie forever. WHERE IS THE THREE FINGER SALUTE EMOJI WHEN I NEED IT?! Creds: @haymitchonfirebc <~~~check that account out btw. Its beautious."

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Guys, I've passed this countless times, but this time I realized how entertaining it is.

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I guess descriptions can be dangerous if they sound similar to your own situation. There is no revenge in your heart. Just love, I've lost myself in the memories I long for. We are both hurt because of things we did.I hate myself for hurting you and Letting you go. But you're happy and building a family. My heart is broken because knowing the family and love we could have had would of moved mountains.

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"What if a ghost is in love with me and is using his powers to keep men away from me That would explain a lot"

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Love patch

FINALLY BACK IN STOCK! This is a LOVE embroidered iron-on patch! This patch is 100% embroidered, so it has a smooth satiny finish. It measures 7

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