Pinky finger dermal piercing. This is actually really cute! I would actually consider getting it. You can always take piercings out so why not try them out?!

some people don't understand that dermals cannot just be taken out like a normal piercing, but i get that, and i still want them on my pinkies.

Triple finger dermal piercing

42 Microdermal Piercing Models with Procedure, Cost & Care

was considering a ring finger dermal...

In place of a wedding ring- kind of a cool statement! Dermal Piercing on Ring Finger Left Hand

what a perfectly good way NOT to lose your wedding ring or get it stolen...just use a real diamond, most jewelers can put one in a dermal setting.

Ring Finger Microdermals Piercing what I will be doing next since I lose all my rings lol

150+ Micro Dermal Piercing Examples, Procedure, Pain, Cost cool

150+ Micro Dermal Piercing Ideas, Procedure, Pain, Cost

Microdermal piercings, also known as dermal piercing or single-point piercings, are piercings punctured on flat surfaces of the body.

microdermal. they look sweet under the first joint but I bet it'd hurt 112x more since theres less skin. Probably couldn't climb for a while if I got these D:

I want another microdermal piercing!>>> could do in place of a wedding ring rather than getting a tattoo

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These finger dermal piercings remind me of my old Barbie's hands with a hole punched through the fingers that you popped a plastic gem into for her "rings"

IF I ever get married again, instead of a huge ring, I want this :)

So, I found a flat bottom faux-diamond on the floor at…

Rising Stars of Modern Piercing: the Finger Piercing

Rising Stars of Modern Piercing: the Finger Piercing

Wrist Tattoo

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