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Where do did them? Do the people of poetic articulation really exist? Hmmm I will continue to ponder the existence as I float along what surely aims to drown me...

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it's amazing when you find someone who appreciates you for everything someone else too for granted.

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Date someone who sleeps on your chest and snores in your ear. Date someone who’ll be your Friday night and your entire Saturday. Date someone who is proud of you. Date someone who only makes you cry of laughter. Date someone who isn’t afraid to love everything about you. Find someone who believes love is black and white; you either love someone or you don’t. There are so many mediocre things in life, love shouldn’t be one of them. - i-g-norance

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Find Someone Who... A great resource to use as an ice breaker; ideal for a new tutor group. This encourages students to get up and about communicating with others to extract information and find things in common, breaking the ice and begin bonding with one another! TES Teaching Resources

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It is a very rare, enlightening and fortunate phenomena to find someone who makes you feel like your insanity is completely logical. - Show me how logical I actually am.

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Free back to school find someone who game. Great for icebreakers the first few days and a great way for kids to get to know each other and their teacher.

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Find Someone Who Wants To (Live Life Happy)

I dont just need someone to sweet talk me and meet relationship goals with me.I need someone who takes the time to improve both our lives and work each day of our present life to make it a better future. The sweet talk is nice though ;)

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