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Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are. -Mandy Hale Quote #quotes #beyourself

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New Year's Resolutions: Inspiring Quotes To Start 2014

Here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle we're proudly saying no to January. No to juice diets. No to calorie restriction. And no to detoxing. We're set on makin...


By becoming the answer to someone's prayer we often find the answer to our own. -Dieter F. Uchtdorf, LDS General Conference

Omfg for someone how ships Phan and haru and makato this is intense!!!! Arrrrr. They are so alike!!!! Remember the time haru almost kissed makato????


Keep your eyes open for them, know when it when you see it. But most importantly, don't let your own baggage and fear make you run. Stick with it, past your irrational impulse to run. And you'll find your piece/peace of heaven in your husband/wife :-))) I'm so happy I followed my own advice on that one :-))

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Free Hat Knitting Patterns

Make a hand knitted hat with one of these super quick and easy free hat knitting patterns. There are so many to try, you can make one for everyone you know!

Free back to school find someone who game. Great for icebreakers the first few days and a great way for kids to get to know each other and their teacher.

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How to Crochet Boots with Flip Flops - Free Pattern + Video Tutorial

With this free pattern and crochet video tutorial you can make your own look-a-like crochet Uggs! These crochet UGG boots with flip flops fo...

Definition of a true friend: Someone who is as excited for your wedding day as you are! Happy #WeddingWednesday!