New article! Part 1: How do I find my ancestor's cemetery? #genealogy The grave of Anderson Chick (1860-1903) and Elena Coleman Chick (1860-1933), Seekwell Baptist Church in Maybinton, South Carolina

Old keys framed on an old letter... Maybe put in a shadow box or find a bunch of old keys and do something original with them....

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My AncestryDNA test results put me on an adventure as a Pagan. To Find My Ancestors; One Pagan's DNA Research: The photo is of Charles Belcher, a silent film star and dead ringer for my father.

Hello everybody! I’m Gregory Kontos, a Greek genealogist. Two years ago, I took up building my family tree. Till now, I have managed to find not only the names, but also a great deal of information about my ancestors back to 1770! Do you also have Greek roots? Due to my intense work and the records I have in my hands, I can provide you with assistance to build your own family tree. Just take contact with me and trace your Greek ancestors! My email is:

Angles, Saxons, Jutes & Frisians (Anglo Saxons) - Founding of England, settlement - Keel boats - Angles in the North of England also included people from Norway and Western Sweden

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In my perfect world, everyone would find his or her mission and be able to follow that passion. In doing so, we would all change the world.

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After all of these years it now makes sense... It's all in my family tree. My ancestors have been speaking to me.

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