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The awkward moment when Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss came third in a Doctor Who pub quiz

The moment Peter, Steven and Mark found out they'd come THIRD in a Doctor Who pub quiz haha. I find this very endearing.<<<This is beyond hilarious, they should have had that in the bag.

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5 memorable teachers in Doctor Who's history

There is a sense of pride in his eyes. He probably looks at her and thinks how…

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New Vincent van Gogh painting identified

Van goh is just like oh cool and Matt and Amy are like what what! Oh my goodness yay! The Doctor must be real!

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The person who write this post literally said thank you and you're saying it was ruined?

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5 Tips To Cope With A Super Stressful Work Environment

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12 of the Twelfth Doctor’s Greatest Moments

BBC Latest News - Doctor Who - 12 of the Twelfth Doctor’s Greatest Moments

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FINALLY SOMEONE DID IT NEWT REMINDS ME OF THE DOCTOR SO MUCH. Think about it he's a British guy running around a big city with a box that's bigger on the inside. He also has a knowledge of a large array of mythical creatures or 'aliens'. Not to mention a magic stick or 'screwdriver' and some companions.

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I really hope that if there's another Doctor (and I'm sure they'll find a way) it's a ginger, and preferably a female ginger.

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