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“#planwithmechallenge Day 12 : Financial Plans . I've never budgeted savings into my finances, perhaps because I have subconscious beliefs about "people…”


We’ve come to a close here with the Doin’ It By the Decade series and I made my first attempt at an infographic to break down some key points we’ve covered over the last month: Yes, I know my infographics really need some work. All that aside, I hope some of the information has helped…


Your twenties are such important years and they can just fly by. Setting strong financial goals you can achieve in those years is important for your future. Discover the 10 most important financial goals for your 20s.


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Dear Debt, It's About Time We Broke Up. It's You, Not Me

Dear debt, it's about time we broke up. It's you, not me. An open letter to my debt, in which I lay out my feelings towards it, and my hopes for the future. I hope that it can help spur people into paying off their debt.


How to get ready for a no spend month challenge

Join me for a No Spend Month! Here's some tips on how to prepare to save some serious money!


How To Set Realistic Financial Goals

By creating a set of realistic financial goals today, you're setting yourself up for financial success in the future. Still not convinced? Come take a look at this article- it really is that simple to create financial goals that are easy to implement.

3 Financial Goals for 2017

2017 is the year for Goals, Financial Goals are a must for 2017! Check these 3 Financial Goals out!