Final fantasy character names

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You need some jobs for your characters, but you don't which one ? In such cases you need lists of possible labors. Here is an example of a list. ( And I can assure you it helps you a lot ) SIMPLY WRITING TIP #9

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From Final Fantasy Type-0 Character Name: Ace by Sorato Suguru【SAMPLE MOVIE】P by YOL This is a really good shoot. It leaves a strong impression right after I saw it at first. Sorato’s eyes expression is super real and strong. The light background with flying cards and the well-done suit makes the photo even more bling bling ~ =]] I really like it!

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I think its funny that these days Aries is known as Arieth. _____ Except you spelled her name wrong twice Aeris/Aerith :/

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"I'm finally free!" "Grandmother? But Father told me that you were arrested for Grandfather's murder." "Ha. Your father lied to you. He trapped me in here as punishment, just like every other criminal he's found too violent for the real world. Including ones from the future."

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FC:Tifa Lockhart|| My name is Rena and my parents are Auron and Lulu (from final fantasy). I look to be around 25, but I'm only 18. I love to practice martial arts and hand to hand combat; I am also really good at elemental magic ( a gift from my mom) I'm a quick witted, sarcastic teenager that loves to laughter, read and hang out with her best friend(opening!!) So, introduce yourselves!

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Star Trek Women - number 5 and number 27 are both Diana Muldaur, same episode, same character, same hair, same costume, but with a red visor one time. I'm glad they left a few out.

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Final Fantasy, Japan - When I played IX, I named my Vivi character Bob-omb

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