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You need some jobs for your characters, but you don't which one ? In such cases you need lists of possible labors. Here is an example of a list. ( And I can assure you it helps you a lot ) SIMPLY WRITING TIP #9


(Open rp be him. Credit to: @ringronies) I walk to the ship docks and look around for the name of the ship I had bought passage on. I finally see it and walk up to it hesitating to board. "Will you be boarding anytime soon?" I hear a voice say and look up startled. My eyes find a handsome young man grinning and looking down at me from the deck. I quickly grab my bag and walk onto the deck. "Yes sorry." I say blushing slightly. "No need to apologize." He winks. "I'm Captain West."

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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (Tifa) Wall Scroll Poster, New And Rare

FC:Tifa Lockhart|| My name is Rena and my parents are Auron and Lulu (from final fantasy). I look to be around 25, but I'm only 18. I love to practice martial arts and hand to hand combat; I am also really good at elemental magic ( a gift from my mom) I'm a quick witted, sarcastic teenager that loves to laughter, read and hang out with her best friend(opening!!) So, introduce yourselves!


KH Name Meanings. Sora Riku and Kairi are Japanese and Ventus Terra and Aqua are Latin. I like the transition from Japanese to Latin.