Filthy meaning

What if Harry Potter was really in a coma and dreaming for 7 years, because he ran head first into a wall at a train station?

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The Wolf of Wall Street - Martin Scorsese's latest film stands between reality and hallucination. It stands between the filthy world of money and the truth-worthy meaning of life. It stands between Leonardo DiCaperio and Jonah Hill. Scorsese masterly directed most of the film on improvisation. Long Live the King.

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The Gorbals - Glasgow ... So they demolished all the filthy tenement slums and look ! ... They built these beautiful award winning prisons, oops, I mean flats in their place ! Shame on you Glasgow planners, you ripped the heart out of my city !!!

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I'm a pureblood, but i still like muggles and half bloods, blood status in no way defines who a person is.

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Well hey you obviously don't know anything. Like a phone could do that much. I mean hey I like google and Pinterest but other than that... And for the tank: You can't Do that, but you can use Expulso,Flipendo, Mobiliarbus (my personal choice), Repello Muggletum (because unlike with wizards there does need to be a driver).

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Although June gloom is in full effect mode, summer weather is just around the corner. And with warmer temperatures comes open windows, meaning now is a good time to clean those filthy window screens to improve your view and also cut down on dust and dirt from entering in with the breeze. As I kid, I used to get paid a $1/screen during the summer, and there was something strangely satisfying of seeing the screen go from coal gray to a lighter shade of aluminum after cleaning them.

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