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Long time ago before you was made or even before you're parents was or there parents there was a old old man who grew up alone he had no brothers or sisters he had no pets he only had a great granny one day the old man woke up as a young boy and saw that his old granny had died while playing the piano the old man left the unknown mansion without telling anyone nobody has seen him since


Got mine from pug rescue. Male, black and huge. Was filthy when I got him. Did not want black or male but he stole my heart. Had him 6 years. Had to put down when trachea collapsed. I am still not over him and miss him every day. His ashes are on my Buddhist altar . Miss you Dexter, I'm so sorry.

I’d like to imagine Granny Smith and Filthy Rich as old friends. This is one of those pictures I cherish because it depicts something I’m desperately looking for in FiM. Happy, comfy and funny scenes.