NeoNoir - Leopold Fiala Photography

NeoNoir An editorial for Ramp magazine in "Film Noir" style with a modern touch featuring the newest Lamborghini Huracan.

Film Noir Todays hair & make up inspiration.

I really like the noir style of this image, there are lots of highlights which make the people stand out from the background. The old fashioned style might be something I would incorporate in my images

I like how they have used a bright light on her face leaving the other side in shadows, and its also quite close up which leaves mystery

I think this may be from "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow." An inventive, period sci-fi movie and a lot more fun than most mega-budget films of that type.

I love beautiful lighting and elegant styling...... - Lindsay Adler Fashion Photography

I love beautiful lighting and elegant styling. To the point of obsession! I was sooo excited to be able to create the lighting I had envisioned for so.

~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ I opened my office window a crack to let the sting of the early evening breeze cool my throbbing temples. A saxophonist played a sorrowful note on the street corner outside and in the distance sirens shouted their desperation to the coming night.

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Cinematic Stills From A Fictional Film Noir –

Cinematic Stills From A Fictional Film Noir

Canadian photographer Kourtney Roy shot a series of photographs which appear as stills from a fictional film noir.

Infographic: What makes a film noir? | BFI

Infographic explains “film noir” and finds the most noir film of them all · Great Job, Internet!

I know nothing of the story, but this image writes its own for me.
Still from The Third Man, (1949) Director: Carol Reed;
Director of Photography: Robert Krasker;
Art Director. Joseph Bato

Still from The Third Man, Director: Carol Reed; Director of Photography: Robert Krasker; Cinematographer Robert Krasker can take a huge amount of the credit.

For DPS Assignment "Film Noir".    I was really excited about this assignment, and actually want to do quite a few more.  Strobist Stuff: 580exII at 1/8 power fired through a blanket with lots of holes for background 580exII at 1/32 power high and to the right of camera for shadow across face 430exII at 1/64 directly above the gun.  No photographers were harmed during the making of this photo.

This image has used a film noir style by using black and white and casting shadows over the figures face as well as using a detective or gangster theme like most film noir films.