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Is it I keep alone from the first day? The only person exists in a self-guided movie. I love you, that I can't even hate you to make me so regret, regret about this virtual memories.


Penny houdt enorm veel van fotograferen. Ze een kunstschool in de toneelgroep waar ze foto's moet maken van een toneelstuk. Dit doet Penny heel graag maar ook in haar vrije tijd houdt ze van foto's maken. Penny weet heel veel van fotografie en heeft haar camera altijd bij.


4 Tips For Purchasing a Vintage Film Camera

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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Shooting FILM

Here I would like to share my personal views about film photography. Below are the summary : 1) Film cameras last a really really long time ! A decent full mechanical camera such as a Nikon FM2 or a Leica M2 / M3 can easily last you a life time without having the need to upgrade. I love buying and collecting full mechanical cameras as they are the most reliable camera ever built. Having no ic chips , circuit board, built in light meter or motor drives, these camera are built to last…