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Number fill in puzzles require you to fill a crossword type grid with numbers from the given list. By gradually whittling the list down, you will fill in the grid.

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Crossword fill in puzzles are not only enjoyable, they will build your vocabulary as you are having fun. Be sure to do these with a dictionary nearby.

Froggy Fill Ins {puzzles and games to work on teaching verbal responses}

Froggy Fill Ins {puzzles and games to work on teaching verbal responses} by

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Froggy Fill Ins puzzles and games to work on teaching verbal responses from The Autism Helper on - (29 pages) - Great for children with autism to teach independent verbal responding! Work on finishing common phrases, identifying objects based on function, and categorizing - all in a fun frog theme!

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KenKen is a puzzle game that helps students improve their calculation skills, logical thinking and persistence. The goal is to fill a grid with numbers so that no number appears more than once in any row or column. In addition, the numbers must combine to form a target number using a specific operation.

Math Lab: 45-45-90 triangles and circle puzzle

A collage of a circle and a square is presented; diagonals are inserted. A chart below the figures is given for students to fill in the measurements of each segment and/or circumference based on one given value. It is quite a challenge and can be a rewarding puzzle to complete especially if students compete in class to see who can fill the table fastest and most accurately.

Back to School Word Fill-in Answers - Free Printable Learning Activities for Kids - Printable Colouring Sheets

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Build a speech igloo using your /g/ sound! This activity targets /g/ in both initial and final positions and is a free sample from Articulation Winter Craftivity Build A Speech Igloo Bundle This product contains multiple versions. The easier version consists of igloos containing 16 picture filled "blocks of ice" that students can match to either a blank or a black and white picture filled igloo puzzle template.