Only in da Philippines :-) sign referes to Mc Donald's #1 rival - Jollibee

Only in the Philippines Context: There's a very popular hamburger chain in the Philippines called "Jollibee" using a bee as a mascot.

The quote reads, "Filipino lives matter, because who's going to make the lumpia?" ---

Filipino Lives MatterThe quote reads, ‘Filipino lives matter, because who’s going to make the lumpia?’ It’s funny but seriously sad, if you get the pun.

29 Hilarious Truths About Growing-Up Filipino hahahaha

28 Hilarious Truths About Growing Up Filipino

Aaah, I just love the Filipino humor

15 Funny Filipino Stereotypes

15 things foreigners usually assume about Filipinos. Yes, Filipinos, not Philippinos.

Filipino Joke: The Last is the Best by ExelionStar. This comic made me laugh and laugh

Hetalia - Philippines and America -- Btw, Alfred cant stop puking after that grotesque made up story Piri made lol

Top 40 Funny Minion Quotes and Pics #minions, citat, funny, haha. ''Did you just fall ? - Noo, I attacked the floor''.

Top 40 Funny Minions Quotes and Pics

Chicken Adobo T Shirt Funny Filipino Pinoy Humor Philippines

Chicken Adobo T Shirt Funny Filipino Pinoy Humor Philippines

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You know you're Filipino when... | Filipino habits | Filipino humor |

Till I met my husband the main side dish was potatoes, now 6 nights a week it is rice LOL At least it is healthier!