While some of these dream symbols are easy to figure out, others are interesting. Did you know a zoo in your dream symbolizes "confusion"?

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When you learn to indulge food loses its control over you. Figuring out how to handle indulging means you have strategies and routines to control food situations or to recover quickly from stumbles. Examine a week of your life and determine where and when temptations and splurges occur. Then make more flexible decisions about how you'll proceed!

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Frank Gerritz . 2013 {{i love how minimalism challenges you and how to think about artworks and really makes you think and figure out what is going on, even though it might not mean anything within the work (gab) }}

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This is something I really want to do. Either going to get the word "gratitude" or "believe". Just have to figure out where. This will be after my ohm and ankh tats though.

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Emotional Intelligence - what is it & how can you develop a greater degree of Emotional Intelligence. What ever your age (0 -90) & what ever your role, EI/EQ is an invaluable asset

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'You won't figure out who you really are by pleasing people..' ~ Don Miller / so only say yes to things when you really mean it, and say no when you don't. Don't fall into the trap of living for the praise of people, because often they're just as broken as we are, and words can be so cheap. So don't let people pleasing take away who you truly are - it certainly ain't the best for you!

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"In the absence of peace and love we teach war and hate as an escape from the problems we are too lazy to solve."

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