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Are you thinking about becoming a figure competitor, but not sure what you’re getting yourself into? Have people made you nervous by saying its chicken and broccoli every single meal, every single day? Well, I am going to bust some myths and share with you the honest truth. A figure competitor’s

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Everything You Need to Know About Workout Nutrition (Infographic) | LIVESTRONG.COM

Everything You Need to Know About Workout Nutrition

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How to Eat and Look like a Bikini Competitor in 12 Weeks

Get a Bikini Competitor’s Body | Muscle & Fitness Phase 1: Weeks 1–4 Follow the meal plan outlined here, which also includes a Food Swaps guide (on page 3). In addition, try to consume at least one gallon (16 cups) of water a day. And a limited amount of sodium helps regulate body fluids, so don’t be afraid to use low-calorie condiments like mustard and hot sauce.

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Follow this figure competition diet to prepare for your figure competition. Carb cycling will shed your excess body fat for a figure competition.

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