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Fighting Games For Boys

Why,Thank you! (Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Hunger Games again,Star wars? , and Percy Jackson)

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24 Reasons Why George R.R. Martin Is The Biggest Troll In Literature Right Now

Video games are known to be very popular for boys. I think this is because most of the games are fighting, strength, power and action. Girls aren't supposed to be tough, strong, have power of enjoy action. Creators making the games think that only boys should want or be interested in these kind of things, therefore they market to young boys.


<3 (This is from a commercial thingy they did for a HP kinect game. (Sadly, I knew that without looking it up.) It's really cute. )


Maisie Williams as Arya Stark - A spirited tomboy with an interest in fighting & exploring, she displays great resourcefulness, cunning & an unflinching ability to accept hard necessity. She is skinny, athletic & often mistaken for a boy. Her sword is named Needle. Before Ned was killed, she received formal sword training from an accomplished swordsman. On the day of Ned's death, Yoren, a recruiter from the Night's Watch, smuggled her out of the city.


Love playing Splatoon! It’s a great game for... - kamifish - Yeppp its great fighting flabby amputated tentacles

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It is basically a rated E reimagination of the street fighter concept, with everyone's favorite Nintendo characters and toned down cartoony/comic violence. That's great for kids. Up to 4 players beat each other up in different modes like everyone for themselves or in teams. The boys age 6-10 will tie up the controllers & nunchuks playing 4 together for hours! It is a highly social game, easily one of the top 5 Wii party games for boys.