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avoid those who fight dirty...or call them out on their v obvious dirty not go all 'people pleaser/peace-maker/conflict avoidant on them....fight clean but fight straight and strong.

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It really does feel this way with you. We fight, but it's not an a yelling match, it's a learning process. Every fight we have ever had has lead to more beautiful moments of forgiveness and understanding.

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Picture preview - Raw Energy: YPA Mentoring 2011

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BANG,BOOM,POW pillow / cushion - Superhero sound effect - Speech bubble

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I hate things that are like "you don't know pain" or "you don't know this until you've experiences this" because everyone is different but this is still somehow accurate in some form

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not all these words apply to me, but I liked them anyhow, so I just kept them... I hate the way you look at me and your tone of voice when we fight. I hate how I have to start yelling when you stop listening. I hate how you have to make everything about you. I hate how you treat arguments like a game. I hate how I have to apologize first, even when I'm right. I hate that you always have to win. I hate how I feel when the argument is over. I hate fighting with you. ...

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Helps so much to see & talk about our part in negative cycles in the #relationship.

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