Fight night song

Exactly and in the end I can say I tried and that is a lot more than some in this world can say I can lay down at night knowing I have given it everything I have and there is no shame in that ❤️

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I just used Shazam to discover Fight Night by Migos.

Everyone is so excited for this, and I'm terrified. You guys know they don't love us enough to let Jon win, right? Right? Of course he's the better swordsman, and he's probably the "ice" part of the story, but he's honorable and will fight fair. Ramsey is an asshole and will do something terrible to win this fight, just because GoT loves to hurt us. And Sansa will lose Jon four seconds after finding him again, and my heart cannot take it!

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Found Fight Night by Migos with Shazam, have a listen:

Migos -- Fight Night Lyrics - YouTube

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