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10 Essential Books from the Last 25 Years

I really disliked Fight Club. The movie as well. And most of Chuck Palahnuik's books too. I find his ideas to be cynical beyond reason, and the book itself devoid of any characters I sympathize with or truly want to follow. I find Palahnuik's world view far too tainted grey and black than it actually is, and although dramatizations and exaggeration can be useful in illustrating points sometimes, I find he takes it far beyond the extreme into the unpleasant and unecessary.

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Chuck Palahniuk unveils excerpt of Fight Club 2

Fight Club 2 Art by David Mack. Date: May 27 2015. Water colours, brushes. David Mack in an interview has said that "they is so many just as powerful visual icons in this story that build of of the icons previously, but other their own thing" Which is what Mack intended to do with this new cover.

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Plot Twists (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Writing Worksheet – Plot Twists (PDF) Nothing makes me want to race through a story more than an idea for a great plot twist! The best twists reframe the entire narrative and leave you spluttering in disbelief; Fight Club, Ender’s Game, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Birds Fall Down, and Murder on the Orient Express are…

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Fight Club (1999) directed by David Fincher, written by Jim Uhls (based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk)

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"With insomnia, nothing is real. Everything is far away. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy."

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Latest tributes to Lewis Collins after The Professionals star loses cancer fight

The Professionals. Doyle on the left (the lovely Martin Shaw) and Bodie on the right (Lewis Collins).

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Brave new world: Gammas' working place / boxes | lower castes are not unique but are instead created using the Bokanovsky process.

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11 Crazy Plot Twists We Never Saw Coming

Books to read with crazy plot twists we never saw coming! Fight Club, My Sister's Keeper, Odd Thomas, and more.

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