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‘Deadpool’ marketing spoofs Nicholas Sparks and ’50 Shades’ of Wade Wilson

'Deadpool' marketing spoofs Nicholas Sparks and '50 Shades' of Wade Wilson. Mr. Wilson will see you now


Hue Pendant Shade, Grey & Copper

Grey is the new blonde | 16 months | New shades. wow, fantastic. well done. I just kept cutting, trimming and sometimes did feel like giving up, only once or twice now I love it! Grey is fabulous and so liberating! KMW

from Harper's BAZAAR

15 Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets You Won't Believe

Contrary to popular belief, contouring is not a new technique, nor was it invented by Kim Kardashian. The Princess of Monaco used blush to define her cheekbones, with one shade for underneath her cheekbones, and a slightly darker shade dusted on the apples. -

Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, #2) - just as atrociously written as the first. Full of cliches, appalling characterisation (for example, Ana goes on about Mia being excessive and a bit annoying, and yet she does nothing to warrant such judgement from Ana - so far anyway), and excessive use of 'Jeez', 'Oh my', etc... I really can't understand why this is such a huge seller. And yet I'm still going to finish the trilogy off, of course!