Little Field Hockey Things

My field hockey coach hates when we chew on our mouth guards. She makes us run around the field 2 times when we do!

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And that girl looks like she's gonna drive her stick into the ground<<< I know, right? All she is gonna end up with is a flying patch of grass. not to mention the high sticking.

For all of the field hockey players out there.

16 Things All Field Hockey Players Understand

Haha glad i'm not the only one who thinks this! I do get frustrated that the mids don't recover but if they did recover, there would be more of us and less of a chance that one of the backs (namely me) would make a mistake.

When you're a gk who had no defence as the defenders have gone up the pitch and no one comes back, leaves you to a 5 on 1 then blames you when they eventually score off of a rebound

Its really true. Hahahah Ohhh cheerleading problems!

Just field hockey girls toughness vs soccer guys toughness

OMG this SO TRUE! the boys are soooo endlessly dramatic, compared to the girls who get smacked in the face, girls take the pain. Boys act.