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101 Ferret Games And Homemade Ferret Toys. Oh my gosh the ferret lady.

Ferret fun

The cat tree even without the tubes and stuff might make a good ferret thing

Ferret fun. What a great idea! Check out all our exotic pet boards... seavs.com

Use soda boxes or any small, long boxes to build a playhouse for your ferrets! Gather a bunch of soda boxes.

Inexpensive homemade ferret toys.

Inexpensive and Homemade Ferret Toys as Ferret Gifts for Christmas

Bean dig box for ferret

Create a ball pit for your ferret’s playground! Find a plastic storage bin or container larger than your ferret. Fill the tub with beans, rice, packing peanuts or other small toys or materials that

Finding ferret toys at Home Depot

Finding ferret toys at Home Depot. Why is this ferret at Home Depot?

Make a fleece forest

Make a fleece forest for mice and rats, and probably other kinds of rodents, too!

What a great ferret play toy.

Marshall Pet Products Pop-N-Play Ferret Ball Pit Toy

Marshall Pet Products Pop-N-Play Ferret Ball Pit Toy at PETCO. But it would be way cooler to make it yourself

Octo-play ferret toy

Octo-play ferret toy

Peek out. Duck back in, leap a bit, race out the other side. Hours and hours of ferrety fun!