Botanical - Leaf - Fern, British Fern   (7)

Boyd's paper on 'Ferns and Pteridomania in Victorian Scotland' in The Scottish Garden magazine, Winter

Baby Girl Name: Fern. Meaning: (Botanical Name). Origin: English.

Baby Girl Name: Fern. Meaning: (Botanical Name).

New Zealand Art Paintings

The Unfurling Fern, the Koru, symbolising new beginnings again and again!

FERN Meaning: Magic

Become fluent in the language of flowers with this glossary of historic definitions associated with popular blooms.

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Kia ora Tatau The Silver Fern is a symbol of NZ national identity. It has inspired artwork from Maori and many other cultures within NZ. The NZ Silver Fern

there was a large staghorn fern on the wall above her nightstand; its roots making their way under her bed and, breaking the surface of floor a little beyond the footboard, began making a mound of earth...

The White Stag is an important creature in myth and to many Pagan traditions. Herne God of the Forest and the Wild Hunt , Lord Of Stags Be Praised. [Ghost of Forest by ~yanadhyana]--like Miyazaki's Forest Spirit in Princess Mononoke

Harry Styles New Fern Tattoo: What Does It Mean? | Cambio

Harry Styles' New Fern Tattoo: What Does It Mean?

Harry Styles showed off new tattoos at the One Direction Colombia concert--fern leaves.