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Masala Chai Rooibos 'Tea'

Masala Chai

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Homemade Earl Grey Blueberry Paleo Jam

Homemade Earl Grey Blueberry Paleo Jam without pectin! This jam uses frozen blueberries and brewed earl grey tea for a sweet infusion!

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In the series of healthy, probiotic sodas, here is a really simple but-oh-so yummy one: Ginger Ale! Water Kefir - First Ferment 4 ...

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Jul 19 Kombucha! Brew your own natural sodas - Slow Sunday

There were quite some jokes about making "sunshine" instead of "moonshine" while brewing my first batch of Kombucha! My crush on this fermented tea is what inspired me to begin with the Slow Sunday posts here on the blog. And it's slow. Real slow, taking 2-4 weeks to brew a batch. Kombucha originates from Asia where it's been brewed for 5000 years. It's becoming increasingly popular with health conscious foodies everywhere. Being a fermented tea and a probiotic drink, its healing…

Magnolia Vinegar Recipe | "This magnolia flower vinegar recipe is something to die for. Within 24 hours it has turned from clear to a deep pink, and the flavour, well it has to be tasted to be believed." Use in salad dressings, over steamed fish, drizzled with oil over sauteed vegetables, in a sweet dressing on exotic fruits

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