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Fermenting Foods? Choose the Right Crock for Your Needs

Ready to take on large-batch fermenting in a crock? Read these tips and techniques for the best results.

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Fermentation Crock - Matte White Fog

These fermentation crocks are special - functional pottery at its best. Each piece is made with high-fired stoneware and glazed by hand for a nontoxic surface that is resistant to corrosion. The glaze is a slightly cool-toned shade of white, with a scattering of tiny cinnamon-colored freckles and a barely textured finish.

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Ferment your own nutrient-rich foods–in style. This vessel keeps air out but lets gases escape—all while looking lovely in your kitchen. Great looking canning system as well.

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Fermentation Crocks: The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

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