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A group of women workers at the British Oil Cake Company, Manchester take a tea break. Leisure opportunities such as this for women during working hours became increasingly limited as war progressed and placed a great strain on their endurance. WWI

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Very interesting tutorial on drafting your own bra pattern, but it is in cm, so will have to spend much time doing conversions.

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How To Never Have A Bad Day Again

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New band of the day (Lexy and the Kill No 1,494)

This was the very 1st album I bought with my own money... actually this and THE RUNAWAYS 1st Album (with Cherry Bomb on it) - I Realized I Had Enuff Money To Buy Another Record -So I Went In And Picked That One Up Too.. Hehe!

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The types of bowls that could be used within the images of people making the recipes. The colours also representing spring as well as the female target audience.

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