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The Kentauroi, or Centaurs, were half human half horse creatures that lived in the forests and mountains of Magnesia. They were first spawned by Nephele, a cloud nymph who was raped by King Ixion.


Centaur by Skeptic Archer. This looks to be half human and half gazelle rather than horse. I'm not aware of any legendary creature that fits this description, but it was too interesting not to post.


Centaurs, are creatures who rarely engage in human life except for a few "moderns" who have begun to assimilate into the culture that has overtaken their forests. They are considered tribal.


Centaurs, also known as the Aram, live in great numbers in Palastan and thus in and around Ptolus. They get along with the humans due to their open nature and help in fighting Ghul's forces in the past. They travel and live in herds and hate doing things which would require them to be stationary for long periods of time.