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Picture is of Lucia Rijker, a Dutch professional female boxer, kickboxer, and actress. Rijker has been dubbed by the press and opponents "The Most Dangerous Woman in the World."


"puts some more mass to your muscles, streamlining your body for the action you know will inevitably come" Female Shepard #Workout from DareBee ... 40 of each: Squats, Punches, 14 of each: Push-Ups, Shoulder Taps, Slow Climbers, Elbow Strike Sit-Ups, Flutter Kicks, Scissors, 4 Jump Squats ... #Video of full set performed by #DareBee at


Silky Sparring Editorials

Ephesians 6 :10-20 ✨ put on the whole armor of God! And never take it off! Boxing fitness has rapidly become my favorite way to decompress. A friend in Juneau, Selina, is a professional female boxer and is responsible for turning me on to it. I hit the bag when reading, writing, simple work outs, and music just don't do it. I have thanked her a million times over in the last month.


This could be underwater love: Spectacular photos from Pinewood Studios show stars swimming in world-famous giant tank

Two female boxers spar underwater for a commercial. photo by Phoebe Rudomino. part of the Water on the Lens exhibit by Pinewood Studios. THIS IS AMAZING?!


Ladies who punch: Vintage pictures show pioneering sportswomen boxing, swimming and playing football a century ago

Early 20th century women's sports. "Take that: The female competitors - whose names are recorded as Fraulein Kussin and Mrs Edwards - fought on 7 March 1912"