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"The female is currently more dangerous than the male she has reached the end of her patience and is now lashing out at anything that threatens to harm her husband or his brother whom is like her own brother she like a wounded animal and I wouldn't like to see her if and when she has children

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Ideas for my Elf Rouge FemAssassin Inquisitor ... And yes I know this is a character from The Assassins Creed Series ;-) ... Her outfit is just so slick!

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haven suit 3-4 by SeedDestiny on DeviantArt

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"A weapon, not a weepon." He knocked an open fist lightly against my shoulder. "You're okay. You can do this."

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.Obviously the part I find as inspiration for the novel is the awesome female assassin. XD

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Yennefer Witcher 3 - wishing the thigh wasn't so exposed, any fighter/warrior knows they need protection on your legs, especially the inner thigh

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Red Haired Rogue

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