Knit Felt Slippers for Adults-Similar to the Fiber Trends Clogs, but this pattern is free.

Pilgrim Purse ~ and Poetry: Knit Felt Slippers for Adults free pattern. I love the look of these slippers. Looks like a challenging pattern.

free ravelry "keen"like felted slipper pattern

Duffers, 19 Row Felted Slippers pattern by Mindie Tallack

wool needle felting patterns | EZ 2-Needle Felted ... by Kriskrafter | Knitting Pattern

EZ 2-Needle Felted Slippers

Tutorial for her gorgeous slippers. Wonder if it involves knitting?

2 in 1 PDF Tutorial in English Felted Slippers, and Felted flower decoration using wet felting technique

Zapatillas / patrón simple /


Felted Slippers Pattern:   An Eco-Friendly Gift to Make From Old, Wool Sweaters ...

upcycle wool sweater into slippers - tutorial. Why do all these slipper patterns require hand-sewing?