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Felicity Smoak Dies

It's Just You And Me

Arrow. This. Is. Adorablee. Felicity would probably be doing her awkward talk if Oliver actually did this. SHIPPED! Olicity.


Arrow - Felicity Smoak #3.5 #Season3 - Come on, Felicity! Your mom is almost as adorable as you! :)


Rana ... on

hahahahahaha this is too funny! Oliver warning Roy to stop flirting with Felicity now that they're 'dating'


3/45 Top TV females: Lydia Martin - The queen of sass. A+ development. Shit I love her so damn much, she is so beautiful and loving and cares about her friends so much, she would literally die for them. The smartest characters I know , next to Felicity Smoak. One of the most selfless characters there are and just a real badass. - #lydiamartin #teenwolf