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I'll admit it.. I'm the type of woman.. that needs your attention. I like talking all day long & getting cute random texts that let me know your were thinking about me. I like it when you show me off & let the world know I'm yours but still keep our business low key. I'm not asking you to spend your money on me or make your world revolve around me but make me feel wanted.

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I try to make people feel wanted because i know what it's like to not feel loved and wanted.

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One of the Best Feelings is Knowing that You’re Wanted

One of the best feelings is knowing that you’re wanted, knowing that someone wants to talk to you, wants to know how you’re doing, or wants to see you; whether they pick up the phone to send you a quick text or stop by your house to catch up, someone or something reminded them of you specifically; it just feels really nice to know that you’ve been on someone’s mind and that they care enough to let you know that.

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This keeps happening. Why do I keep letting people in my heart? It takes them a lot of work to break down my walls and then they just....Play in the rubble and leave. Why would they even bother? Why can't I be smart enough to not let them in?

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This quote makes me want to cry and I have no idea why. So that's why it is being pinned onto this board.

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