I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone, it’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone. ~ Robin Williams

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"As an addition, I don't remember what it feels like to be healthy anymore, as well as no pain. It's absurd how quickly you forget something so great, to the point that you're never sure if what you're living with is what's normal or simply something you've gotten too used to. Bah." (su) Bah Black Sheep? Mood? Day? Life? Always? Please delete those that don't apply

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Kerouac at his finest...if I were to describe my fears and hopes without using labels or bias, I would probably find myself articulating in a similar way

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This is a great way to introduce and help kids identify different feelings using the characters from the movie, Inside Out.Includes:**'How Do You Feel' Chart (3 different color versions)**Life Quotation about embracing all your emotions**5 scenario pages that go along with each feeling and 1 set of blank scenario cards.**Islands of Personality worksheet You may also be interested in the following:Inside Out Feelings BookInside Out Break Cards

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Graduation Project 2015 This collection idea comes from "Roller Braid", which is my favourite activity when I was studying high diploma. It gives me energy, happiness and relaxing, so I would like to share these feeling through this collection. Moreover, using shoelace weaving and sewing method to be the details to increase the texture and sports feeling. Sharp colours gives me energy and happiness.

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Sad, but it seems more and more true these days, its seems to becoming a me, me, me world, with no respect/time/care for those who have helped along the way to the top of the meeeeee pedestal. However nothing last forever and they will run out of people to use, and where will they be then?

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i am used to being constantly blamed or teased for my eating disorder, left out or ignored because of my social akwardness, even forgotten by people all together...and i hope one day this can change, as difficult as it is, i try to stay positive, i try not to let dark things in my life make me bitter-Ashley ray

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" whiskey words and a shovel volume II " has now reached the semi finals! keep voting using the link in my bio, thank you!

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