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Triber Lauren shared with us the following image. She said: "I try not to compare myself with others but it can be so difficult when their lives seem so much more together than mine."


Essentially, over the years, I have learned this truth: If I am feeling stuck in life, then I can be certain it is because I'm afraid of something, and I just haven't faced it yet." - Elizabeth Gilbert


I can’t even tell you how important this quote is.Whether it is a relationship, a job, a lifestyle, a religion, you do what is right for YOU. It is your life. You may have responsibilities. It may take a very long time and a lot of hard work, but keep dreaming your dreams. Be one of the few who still has them.


7 Ways to Reset When You Feel Stuck


5 Physical Actions to Counteract Depression and Low Mood

A low mood can often be countered by taking physical actions. If you’re feeling stuck in an emotional rut, here are a few easy steps you can take to help get your emotional momentum going.


Right now I'm stuck somewhere between what if, what might, what could have, and what never will.. and all I want to know is what actually is.


How to start a journal

You have a busy life, juggling work, home, friendships, relationships, kids, and you're so used to being all things to all people you've forgotten who you really are anymore. Learning about yourself - what you need, want and like, what really makes you tick is the first vital step to increased happiness, reduced stress, contentment and clarity. After all, if you don't know what your needs are, how can they possible be met?


If you’re feeling “stuck”, you’ve come to the right place. It’s important to remember that even theRead More >