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We Feel Fine: An Almanac of Human Emotion

Jonathan Harris' "We Feel Fine" - based on an algorithm that looked for occurrences of phrases like "I feel" to create a database of human emotions at a rate of 20,000/day

from thehousegoddess

03-04-13 Types of Empaths

Types of Empaths and Their traits. This answers a lot! Ive always said that i have a thin veil. I had no idea that it was the cause of so much of my introversion and why i can be feeling fine, and then get around someone and feel an intense sadness or anger or doom.

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Haunting Figure Drawing Gothic Moody Dark Shadow Crayon Wading Water Fog Fine Art Wander V

Clara Lieu, lithographic crayon on Dura-Lar. This drawing is from "Wading", a…


i jumped and tore down fences whilst she built new ones in my way .. when you put all your love and trust into your closest friend you do things that you wouldnt do for any other sacrifice everything for them because they where your best friend and you loved them trustingly but whilst you did everything faithfully they did nothing and just i slowly gather up my broken life and fail to hold it together god please help me as i have no one to talk to now and dont know what to do…


I love this piece. Continuous line using fine liner is something I enjoy doing and feel I can use a lot through out my own sketchbook. I like how simple lines can create a very recognisable image.


PLEASE READ!!!! I want anyone who has ever said they were "Fine" to like this pin. Because I know how it feels. You keep everything inside and don't tell anyone. And eventually all your emotion builds up and you explode or implode. Either way its fatal. Physically or emotionally. I'm here for anyone who wants to talk. Because you deserve to be honestly fine.

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The truth behind "I'm okay"

This is how it works. You think you can handle it. But then, the burden gets too heavy to bear. So you just collapse under the pressure. And people wonder what happened to you "all of a sudden".