Benefits of a pocket penguin.

Benefits of a pocket penguin.

Funny pictures about Pocket Penguin. Oh, and cool pics about Pocket Penguin. Also, Pocket Penguin.

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Whenever you get the urge to pin something sad or horrific, don't do it. Remember this pin and spread some happy instead.>> I needed this cause somehow I got to posts about war and death. What fun.

Whenever I’m having a bad day…

Whenever I’m having a bad day…

Game of Thrones: Tyrion Lannister slaps Prince Joffrey. Gif Bin is your daily source for funny gifs, reaction gifs and funny animated pictures! Large collection of the best gifs.

#wattpad #de-todo Anime: Owari no seraph Género: Yaoi/Yuri (posible hentai) Parejas: Mikayuu/yuumika Leve: Gureshin/Shigure Kimiyoi Mitsunoa Crowferi °Los personajes no son mios, pertenecen al anime owari no seraph  ° ★ Agradecimiento a sus respectivos a autores y los traductores ★

Doujinshis Mikayuu - ♥+65♥

♥HOLII♥ estas buscando doujinshis mikayuu (⊙o⊙) pues este libro habra… # Ngẫu nhiên # amreading # books # wattpad

Close Enough...

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This girl who no longer feels a need to be sexy. | 38 Epic Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

This girl who no longer feels a need to be cool. I 38 Epic Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

((Open with Nat)) I watch an old video that went viral. I watched as I danced next to him and I smile. Nobody knew that was me because A) I went by Lee (natalie) and B) I looked different. Black hair with red tips, a nose piercing, and I was thinner. I smile as I see how happy I was and you walk behind the bench I'm sitting on in the park

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I think everyone can dance. Try it now, turn the music on and dance - It is quite easy, believe me!

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10 & Rose... All the feels! *tear*

Fandom Friday: Favorite Couples I Ship

expecting-rain: “ at how HAPPY he is the smile of a content man a man who knows his place in the universe and is comfortable with it a man who’s come to a kind of peace with the horrible things he’s done a man who’s begun.