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Lightning McQueen and Mater G tube pads! Mic-Key G & J Tube covers

Lightning McQueen and Mater G tube pads by CreationsByWinslow

Force-feeding in prison ~ Pankhurst was horrified by the screams of women being force-fed during hunger strikes. In her autobiography she wrote: "I shall never while I live forget the suffering I experienced during the days when those cries were ringing in my ears


Nesting American Robins - Maine. This is a very sweet video of a robin feeding her young. Fascinating to watch.


Here's the feed station right next to the pop hole (notice the bottom cut of the pophole? A tad "curvy" .. that sword saw thingie scared me to death! Anyways, 2 PVC tube feeders, oyster shell to the side, all on a cinder block.

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Avocado & Banana Babyfood

My son is 4 and is currently on a feeding tube. We are in search of some high calorie puree's for him to take by mouth hoping to get rid of the feeding tube soon! I discovered that Avocado's have a natural source of high calories and are good for him. I chose to mix it with banana because the textures are about the same and because my son prefers sweet flavors over any others.