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You'll Owe a Gift Tax if You're too Generous

The federal gift tax applies to all gifts that you make during the course of your lifetime. Whether a gift will be taxable for gift tax purposes depends on three things. Find out what they are and if you have made any taxable gifts.

Fbar reporting Singapore needs external fiscal societies such as New Zealand banks, life insurers and managed funds, to arrive into agreements with the US’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and US Treasury to provide details about the affairs of their US clients.

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This Forbes blurb reminds you when you have to file a federal gift tax return. You can also visit

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If you gave money or property to someone as a gift, you may wonder about the federal gift tax. Many gifts are not subject to the gift tax. Here are seven tax t…

1. Federal Estate Tax exemption now permanently increased so no tax for Estates under $5,340,000., and will be adjusted annually for inflation. However, New Jersey taxes estates over $675,000. 2. Gifts permitted without Federal Estate & Gift tax was increased to $14,000 per person. 3. We recommend Self- Proving Wills since witnesses often move or pass away

What Is the Gift Tax? The federal gift tax applies to gifts of property or money while the donor is living. The federal estate tax, on the other hand, applies to property conveyed to others (with the exception of a spouse) after a person’s death.

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IRS Announces 2016 Estate And Gift Tax Limits: The $10.9 Million Tax Break

The 2016 Projections For Estate And Gift Tax Limits