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Federal Election Commission: campaign finance disclosure for presidential/house/senate elections

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Canada’s 2015 federal election result

Daily chart: Canada’s 2015 federal election result | The Economist

Results of the 2015 federal election - National

Federal Election 2015 Poll Results

IS attacked an Iraqi police checkpoint south of Baghdad, security officials said March 6, @Reuters reported.

Failed Press Gallery predictions of 2016 Federal election result compila...

Interactive: Explore Canada’s 2015 election candidates - National

Nearly 2.5 million Canadians cast their ballot over the weekend ahead of election day on Oct. 19. So who are they voting for? See the details for all of Canada's candidates.

The federal election results pose difficulties for the finance industry, with AMP warning of “greater policy uncertainty” under the next government. In a note to investors, AMP Capital’s head o

Canadian Federal Election results, 2008, 2011 and 2015

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Chairman of Public Against Violence Fedor Gál-The election results saw Public Against Violence finish first in Slovakia, both in the federal and Slovak elections.In the federal election together the combination of Civic Forum and Public Against Violence won a majority, while in the Slovak election Public Against Violence came first but short of a majority. However on election night one of the founders of Public Against Violence, deputy chairman Ján Budaj, announced his withdrawal from…

- Cartogram of Canadas federal election results from...

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