Phoenix feather tattoo

fuckyeahtattoos: “ my first tattoo. it says “je ne regrette rien,” which means “i regret nothing” in french. words i plan to live by for the rest of my life. ” Second je ne regrette rien tattoo I’ve.

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20+ Feather Tattoo Ideas for Women

charcoal drawing made tattoo... this is what we envision! Not too heavy on the darker, thicker charcoal, but still evoking that hand-drawn feeling.

Light feather tattoo - I like the "lightness" of it - but I don't want a tattoo

feather tattoo...... Would be pretty in a miniature size and more discreet location

Most people like Feather Tattoo Designs as they are available in different colors to match their personalities. Sharing such feather tattoos.

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21 of 30 Feather tattoos are not only beautiful; they can mean tons of different things to different people. They can indicate everything from a free spirit to the desire to soar above the competition.